5 Tips On How To Stay Creative

Creative blocks are the worst. I get them all the time. You feel stuck, you’re overthinking, and your creative process “could be better” but you don’t know how to get there. Well I’m here to (hopefully) help! Think about what you do on a day to day basis. Is it the same routine? Doing the same routine everyday, starts to get repetitive and mundane. It’s time to change up a few things to get your creative juices flowing. What ever type of creative you are whether for work or for fun, these steps can help you get back on track! These help me immensely!


The first 30 minutes of your morning will define your day. Have you ever heard of that? It’s true! Wake up earlier and look through a magazine, catch up on your favorite show while you are getting ready, I mean anything to get your creative juices flowing. Waking up earlier and being productive the first few minutes of your morning will define the rest of your day which can lead into more creative ideas. I loved this article from Entreprenur.com. Such a quick read that can change your life!


I am ALWAYS on social media to get some inspiration and help that creative push! I look on Instagram to see what my favorite bloggers, vloggers, and influencers are writing or shooting about. Pinterest is a big platform for me too. You will find everything and everything on Pinterest. It’s perfect if you have a creative block. I don’t like to flat on copy someone’s work but if I see something that inspires me I think to myself, “How can I do something similar to this?” Funny enough for this blog post, I saw a picture on a clothing site of a girl sitting next to fence on a baseball field and I loved the vibe! So I decided to do something similar. I put this outfit together and actually went to a tennis court near my house and viola!


What this means is, when you are trying not to be creative, is when you’ll BE creative. When you are with your friends and/or family, or just in a state of mind where you are “free” that is where ideas will come to you willingly. Songwriters always say that their best songs come from hanging out with friends/family or when they are not even thinking about writing. I can’t tell you to “try that!” because then you’ll just be thinking of being mentally free and that won’t work LOL but try hanging out with friends and do something active and maybe just maybe something will come across! Or ask a friend for help! Always works for me.


Keep a lookout everywhere you go! Walking to work, driving to dinner, heading to the grocery store, I mean anything! If I see something that suddenly inspires me, whether a park or a wall mural, I’ll keep it in mind and start to think how can I blog about this or do a shoot for it. I saw an orange wall recently and thought- this would be perfect for a summer fashion post! You never know what you’ll run into and what ideas will hit you.


Always jot down notes and if an idea comes across your mind, even if it sounds crazy, write it down and you’ll be surprised how it can form into an amazing idea. Keep writing and jotting down ideas. I tend to do that when I’m listening to music that makes me happy 🙂

Thanks to Akira for gifting me the Champion Overalls! These sunnies are sold out but from Perverse 🙂 & of course Converse, my favorite ever.




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