Five Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You This Year

I have to say- spring cleaning is literally my favorite kind of cleaning! I feel like it lifts so much weight off your shoulders. I wanted to share a few “questions” if you would, that I literally ask myself every time I’m trying to decide if I should let it go or keep it. Clothes, that is. For me, spring cleaning means getting rid of unwanted winter clothes AND spring clothes! That way it’s out with the old in with the new 🙂

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Have I worn it a lot?

I ask myself this question a lot. If you answer yes to this question, you can either let it go or keep it! For me, when I wear things a ton I usually tend to get rid of them. But depending- if its a simple white top- keep it! Great for layering. Tip: If you’re getting rid of your clothes try selling them on Poshmark!

How can I style this?

I love this question! If you are in between keeping or letting it go, I always try to plan an outfit in my head with this piece. Can I put a denim jacket over it? Can I add a midi skirt instead of jeans with this top? Keep thinking of outfits and if you really don’t think it’ll work for you, on to the next!

Would I wear this again?

I have a ton of items that I’ve worn once or twice and I probably won’t rewear. If you don’t think you’ll rewear it next winter or this spring, make some room for something you’ll love!

Was it expensive?

This is so hard. If you spent so much money on the item, it’s hard to let go 🙁 Usually an expensive item might be a handbag or a dress. If its a handbag, I say keep. You can always sell it on Poshmark or there is a program called Designer Share! You can have people rent your designer handbags or accessories and you get paid for it and it’s still technically yours! #winning

Do you think you’ll like this next year or in a few months?

If you’re cleaning out your winter clothes- do you think you’ll like this next winter?? Is it already kind of small on you?? If you’re cleaning spring clothes, would you like it for this season? Is it out of season?

I hope these questions help you when you are spring cleaning! I try not to hold anything that I probably won’t like! Out with the old, in with the new 🙂

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Happy spring cleaning,


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