Friendsgiving with Bumble BFF

Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to throw a party with some good friends, good food, and good wine. I had the chance to throw a friendsgiving with Bumble BFF and invite my closest girls for a fun night. Sometimes it’s hard to throw friendsgiving on a budget but would you believe I only spent $100 for this one? Who says food has to be thanksgiving dinner? Save that for Thanksgiving! I got some yummy appetizers, and some good wine for the night.

I’m so grateful to be apart of Bumble and be able to host things like this. All they asked was that my attendees donate to Feeding America! Over 40 million people in the United States ALONE struggle with hunger? This Thanksgiving, if you are having a hot meal, with your family members in a warm house please think of others who are not as lucky as you are. I donated $5 and that helps to feed 50 people. All I ask is that you donate $2! Click here to donate. Thank you so much!

Also- thank you to Sōmrus for the YUMMIEST liqueur! I added their mango flavor to the tea and it was a hit. You can add Sōmrus to your coffee, tea, cupcakes, anything!! It’s soo smooth and seriously adds so much flavor.

This Winking Owl Moscato from Aldi is to die for… sooooo good.

My sisters recipe, her own Jalapeño popper! How she made it: Jalapeño pepper with cream cheese and cheddar cheese mixed together and wrapped in bacon. She put it in her air fryer for 15 minutes. Let’s just say these didn’t last long LOL



Thank you to my girls that came out! Gifted these dolls with some Bumble BFF swag!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Grateful for all of you who read up to here 🙂



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