How to Attend NYFW As A Micro Blogger: My Tips and Tricks and Recap!


For my birthday post earlier this year, I wrote 26 things I’d love to happen while I’m 26 and one of them was attend NYFW and guess what, I DID! I’m so excited to share my experience with y’all.

To anyone who love fashion, New York Fashion Week is a dream and guess what? It’s so attainable as a micro blogger. When I started to plan it, I was worried that I wouldn’t get into any shows or events and that it was going to be super hard but it’s really not. I’m here to share my tips and tricks on how to go to NYFW as a micro blogger and make it as successful and fun as ever!

5 major tips to keep in mind:
  1. First order of business: research.
    • I researched a ton on how to find NYFW shows/events and I ended up finding this article that gave me the whole PR list! People pay hundreds for this list and I found it just for free. I started reaching out 3 weeks before Fashion Week and honestly, it worked out just fine. I thought I was late but I recommend reaching out at least 3-4 weeks before the shows. Keep your email short. Always say you want to support the event/presentation instead of attend. Makes it seem like you are there for them and not yourself.
  2. Ask your fellow bloggers for advice!
    • When my friend Sofia and I were planning, we asked a ton of our blogger friends for tips and tricks to get into shows and you’ll be surprised on how many people have connections that they can share with you. That’s actually how we got into one event! Also, we went to a Bumble event but we are Bumble reps. I researched and saw that Bumble had an event for NYFW last year and I reached out to see if they were doing anymore and they were! Take advantage of your network of people too. You’ll be surprised of any brands you work with, doing some cool events!
  3. Don’t overbook yourself.
    • It gets super stressful and tiring. We were only there for 2 days and we had a schedule that wasn’t too overwhelming and we were STILL tired! It’s exhausting trying to get pictures, attending shows, traveling to get to these shows and events. Make sure to slot some time to relax or take a stroll through Central Park 🙂
  4. Book a close hotel/Airbnb.
    • We stayed in Harlem because we wanted to budget ourselves but if I could recommend anything from this blog post, it would be to book something as close as possible to your events/shows. We took the subway almost everywhere (SO fun and easy, btw!) and a few Lyft’s but the Lyft’s were so insanely expensive we could have ended up staying somewhere closer to our events/shows and saved so much time traveling.
  5. Outfit Changing- nobody talks about it!
    • Since we had an Airbnb so far away, we didn’t want to spend time traveling so we took a small baggy. We actually changed at a Forever 21 dressing room LOL! Whatever works, right? I recommend bringing a small fashionable backpack purse to keep some clothes to change if you don’t have time to go back to your hotel/airbnb.

I hope those tips helped you a little! I am always here to help with any questions 🙂 Now onto my recap. We went for 2 full days but it was a great introduction to NYFW. Here’s what we did :


Bumble event!

Such a great event! We sipped some champagne, got our hair done, and networked! Through out the day there were different activities like palm readings, head shots, makeup touch ups, etc. Got to meet some other city reps, too!


Midori Event

I have so many videos of this event and not enough pictures 🙁 It was a gorgeous presentation of jewelry with of course some champagne in the coolest penthouse at James NOMAD. Check them out if you want some unique pieces.

To end our day, we went to get some pizza at Johns Times Square and of course headed to Times Square to get some awesome shots 🙂


Saturday we woke up bright and early to get some shots in since Friday was raining all day! We headed to Soho to grab some coffee and start the day.

Afterwards, we headed to change into our next outfit at a, you guessed it, Forever 21 LOL! But guess who we saw on the way? Tezza! The queen of Instagram. She was super sweet! Fun fact, we actually had to ask her for a picture as she was shooting and she was super busy. We felt bad but she later DM’d my friend Sofia saying she felt so bad for being so short with us. So sweet <3

We had some time to get some food in and we opted for some Avocado Toast at Summers in Soho. So yummy!

And my favorite part of the trip.. visiting FRIENDS APARTMENT! I love Friends so much, so having the time to visit the apartment was literally incredible. So surreal. *Wearing my Princess Polly dress. My fav outfit!*

We were supposed to go to 3 shows but the first show we were running so late to (It happens!) and the second one was postponed until 8 PM but we had already another show to go to. So we had a few hours to just relax and take some more pictures which was nice.

Wearing Discovery Clothing*

To end the day, we went to Nolcha Fashion Show which was incredible. In that moment, I truly felt like I was at NYFW. The runway, the models, the vibe, the photographers, it was seriously such a surreal moment. Forever grateful for this platform and the opportunities it brought me.

Until next time, New York Fashion Week <3




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